meite 16GT2 16 Gauge 2-Inch Leg Galvanized Finish Nail (1 Large Box Pack)

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Pattern Name:1 Case Pack About meite meite has become the largest professional manufacturer of Industrial grade Pneumatic nail gun, staples, fasteners and Nails in China. Started in 1983 our company has grown steadily over the years because of the knowledgeable staff and high level of customer service. Our Coil Nailer has taken up over 60% market share in China. There are Innovative fastening tools and fasteners for manufactory, construction, and home-improvement applications, which mainly include •pneumatic staplers • nailers•compressors •manual staplers • tackers •coil-fed screw systems • rivet tools• a broad assortment of collated nails• screws• staples• specialty fasteners in a variety of materials and finishes and carton-closing staplers. Many of them are industrial grade. Product Description Package: 1000 PCS/ Small Pack; 2500 PCS/ Large Pack. Fastener Length: 2 inch; 16 Gauge, Straight Finish Nail, Engineered To Fit meite Models #FST50, T50SA, Paslode; Most Other Straight Angle 16 Gauge Finish Nailers.


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