CRKT 9300DL Survival Bracelet Large Onion Para-Saw Paracord 10.5 Tools , Hand Tools

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Having a length of cordage along on your next great outdoor excursion is never a bad idea… cleverly adding in a handy cable saw for the unexpected couldnt hurt either.Ken Onion applied his passion for creating useful tools, and his personal love of the outdoors, in designing the Onion Survival Para-Saw™. It is 8 to 9 foot length (depending on size ordered) of nylon paracord thats braided into a bracelet form—with a plastic encased, tungsten carbide coated wire saw woven into the braided cord.In the emergency survival event that you had to use the cordage and/or wire saw, you simply unravel the bracelet. The Para-Saw™ paracord survival bracelet uses a quick release buckle to easily secure it on your wrist, or on your gear.Now you can have along two very handy survival tools, in one easy to travel package! Cordage for securing, lashing, or paring down for other uses and an effective wire saw to cut limbs, wood, or any number of things in a survival situation.If you are the type that gets outdoors, be prepared. These are a must have!div class-clearfix/div div class-specifications div class-featuresbuFeatures/u/b Tungsten Carbide Wire Saw /div div class-specsbuSpecifications/u/b Open Overall Length: 10.5 inches Weight: 0.9 ounces /div /div


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