Bosch OSC3DRF 3-Inch Carbide-Grit Delta Rasp

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Product Description

The Bosch OSC3DRF is a 3′ triangular carbide grit rasp. Tough on Thinset, Paint The Bosch OSC3DRF is a 3” triangular carbide grit rasp that removes thinset beneath tiles, paint and other materials. A Long-Lasting Blade High-quality Bosch carbide grit for superior performance and life. Material removal is quick and easy thanks to 3” surface area. Only the Best Bosch multi-tool accessories offer the best price-for-performance ratio in the market. That means optimal speed and life in tough applications. The Industry Standard Interface The Bosch OSC3DRF blade offers the advantages of BoschÂ’s Oscillating Interface System (OIS). OIS maintains the 12-pin design of the companyÂ’s first multi-tool interface, but can be used on every professional brand of multi-tool. Bosch OSC3DRF Features 3” surface area Better debris removal Bosch carbide grit Removes thinset, paint and other materials 12-pin design fits most professional multi-tools


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